Tips for Retailers for Buying the Right Wholesale Infants Clothing

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If you are here, it means you are ready to stock your inventory with the latest wholesale infants clothing. When buying infant clothing in bulk, it can be difficult to make the best choice because you might be buying clothes at different price points and are trying to stock as many styles as there are. However, if you want to make your cloth trading or selling business successful, it is a must that you pay attention to the following things so that you make more sales in every season.


Fabric is one of the most important things that parents look for their little babies because the skin of babies is too sensitive and soft. Low quality fabric can irritate them. Some babies also start to get rashes. Hence, as a retailer, you also need to make sure that the fabric of your infant clothing is soft and smooth and high quality.

Fabric quality is the topmost thing that you must not compromise with. Infant clothing made from nylon and polyester may result in skin sensitivity and discomfort as they don’t take up moisture and regulate a baby body’s temperature. Thus, fabrics such as nylon and polyester should be avoided when buying wholesale infants clothing.


When buying infant and kids clothing, you might think how come a cloth can be a safety concern? But did you know that every year, millions of clothes are recalled because they fail to meet safety standards? So, make sure to stock your inventory with only safe infant clothing.

Avoid any clothing that has embellishments and decorations such as bows that may result in suffocation, large buttons that might put pressure on the body of an infant, and hooks as they can be choking hazards. If a piece is attached to clothing, it must be firmly attached to the clothing. Also, avoid clothing with drawstrings and waistbands as they pose strangulation hazards.


Since you are a retailer, make sure you pick different sizes when shopping for wholesale infants clothing. While some infants are slim, others are healthy. So, think about all sizes so that you can cater to the needs of all infants coming to your garment shop.

When it comes to infant clothing, most clothes are available in standard sizes. This is the easiest thing to decide on when purchasing infant clothing in bulk.

Style & Season:

While fabric, safety, and size are the inherent and crucial things to look for, you can also not avoid style and season. You will make more sales only when your high quality infant clothes are also stylish and according to the current season. No parents want to dress up their kids in boring dresses with dull colors or neutral appearance.

Kids always look amazing in bright colors. However, also make sure that the style of clothing doesn’t make it difficult to put on and take off. Plan ahead and buy clothes based a few weeks before the season starts changing. Also, keep festivals and upcoming holidays in mind. For instance, Christmas and New Year are imminent now. Thus, while buying regular infant clothing, also pick wholesale infant clothing for Christmas and other holidays.

We hope this guide will help you buy the best wholesale infants clothing that sells quickly.

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