How to Buy Wholesale Kids Clothing for Your Store

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Sourcing affordable yet stylish wholesale kids' clothing is key to running a profitable retail business. With the right wholesale suppliers, boutique owners can stock up on all the latest fashions and basics for a fraction of the retail price.

This results in greater profit margins and more budget left for marketing your store.

The most important thing is finding reputable suppliers of wholesale kids' clothing online. With e-commerce, boutique owners no longer have to attend trade shows or make huge minimum orders.

You can source everything from popular character sets to basic t-shirts right from your computer.

6 Tips For Buying Wholesale Kids Clothes for Your Store

1. Focus on Buying Classic Basics

For babies and toddlers especially, classic basics never go out of style. Onesies, leggings, soft cotton tees, and stretchy pants all sell year-round. Look for suppliers selling these items in bulk packages of a dozen or more per size and style. Also read this article for choosing winter collection for your kid's boutique.

Popular colors like grey, navy, and black move fast.

match supplies to your local climate and seasons too, when possible. It's often wise to order a season ahead so you're prepared.

2. Examine Your Kids Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

Not all wholesale vendors are created equal. Be sure to examine every new supplier carefully before placing large orders. Check for:

  • An established site and business with several years of operation. This indicates they likely have steady, reputable sources for their wholesale merchandise.
  • Detailed sizing charts and fabric descriptions. This shows they care about accuracy and fit.
  • Positive reviews mention good experiences with quality, shipping times, and customer service.
  • Secure checkout and protection of buyer's personal/payment data. No site is immune to breaches but look for HTTPS and other safety symbols.
  • Fair return policies in case any items are defective or incorrectly sized.

3. Order Samples First

Before buying a large quantity of any new item, be sure to order a few samples first. This allows you to check the quality, fit, fabric, and workmanship.

Kids' clothes face a lot of wear and tear, so inspect seams, embellishments, and durability closely.

Compare the samples to the product descriptions and images online. Reputable wholesale kids' clothing distributors will deliver items that are exactly as advertised. Reject any supplier who lies about their stock.

4. Negotiate Your Wholesale Price

Most quality wholesale suppliers want to establish long-term relationships with boutique owners. Don't be afraid to inquire about better pricing for bulk orders or new customers. Be reasonable, but see if they can shave off 5-10% for an initial order.

This adds up fast across all the merchandise you need to stock.

Many distributors also offer level pricing that gives bigger discounts at higher quantities. Review their price lists closely for these savings opportunities. Buying a few extra pieces can often bump you into the next pricing tier for additional cost savings.

5. Focus on Order Minimums and Shipping

To secure the best wholesale pricing, most vendors need minimum order quantities. This can range from just a few dozen pieces to hundreds for an initial order. Consider starting with a supplier who has lower minimums so you aren't overstocked.

Also, consider shipping costs and lead times. Domestic suppliers tend to have lower minimum orders and quicker fulfillment. International shipping from overseas takes longer and has extra fees.

6. Read Payment and Return Policies

Before finalizing a wholesale order, understand the supplier's payment terms and return policy. Most vendors require prepayment via credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Some may extend Net 30 terms to established buyers.

For returns, a 30-to-60-day window is standard. Know who pays for return shipping and restocking fees, if applicable.

This is where working with suppliers that allow small sample orders helps reduce risk.

Following these tips will help you successfully source all the wholesale kids' clothing your boutique needs.

Take time to find suppliers who meet your standards for price, quality, and service. The savings and profits will make the effort well worth it.

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