How to Buy Quality Clothing Like an Expert Designer

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As a boutique owner, the clothing you choose to sell sets you apart from the competition and builds your reputation. Offering high-quality, well-made garments is key to creating a loyal customer base and driving sales. But how can you ensure you're buying the best of the best?

It's time to start evaluating inventory like an expert designer. Forget being dazzled by fancy brands or swayed by sales tactics. With a few simple checks, you'll quickly become a master at identifying premium construction and fabrics. Let's dive into the top techniques the pros use to separate exceptional pieces from mediocre ones.

Start With the Fabric Content

Before anything else, head straight to the all-important fabric label. This is your first clue into a garment's potential quality and longevity. Buy top-quality clothes from us.

Seek out natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen and silk over synthetics like polyester, acrylic and rayon. While high-quality synthetics have their place, natural materials simply look, feel and wear better over time.

When possible, avoid blended fabrics that mix natural and synthetic content. The different fibers react differently to heat and agitation, causing pilling and warping. Pure fabrications are ideal.

Next, Put It to the Test

With fabric covered, it's time to get hands-on with a few simple yet eye-opening examinations:

Sight Test

Hold the garment up to the light to examine its density and weave tightness. You shouldn't be able to easily see your hand through the fabric. A tight, substantial weave is a mark of quality.

Touch Test

The garment should have a nice weight and heft to it - not necessarily heavy but with a rich, full hand feel. Smooth fabrics should glide delicately and not feel rough or scratchy. Beware an artificially "sturdy" hand caused by heavy starch or sizing.

Stretch Test

Gently stretch the fabric in an inconspicuous area. A well-made garment will quickly rebound back into its original shape and drape. If it stretches out or appears misshapen, it likely won't hold up to regular wear.

Wrinkle Test

Give a small section a firm crunch in your fist and release. Quality fabrics shrug off wrinkling with ease, while lower-quality pieces will hold sharp creases and look worn.

Inspect Buttons and Zippers

Finally, take a close look at how the garment was assembled. Tight, even stitches with flawlessly matched patterns and no loose threads are hallmarks of a well-made piece. Check for details like robust zippers, tidy buttoning and generous seam allowances that allow for alterations.

As an added pro tip, lightly tug on the seams - they should feel sturdy and bind with the fabric, not pull apart or appear precarious.

With these quality checks in your evaluation arsenal, you'll quickly develop an eye for premium garments worthy of your discerning clientele. Stock your boutique confidently, knowing you're bringing in the very best products that will look beautiful, wear like iron and keep customers coming back season after season.

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