Creative Ways to Display and Sell Hair Bows In Your Store

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Running a successful kids' boutique can be challenging in the competitive marketplace. Finding exciting yet affordable products that appeal to modern kids and parents is the secret to a successful business.

Hair bows are a fun, versatile accessory that can add pops of color, patterns, and personality to kids' outfits and your merchandising displays.

Buying wholesale hair bows offers a great variety of bows at affordable prices. However, smart merchandising strategies are important to make sales of these cute hair accessories off shelves.

Here are some creative ideas to display hair bows in ways that boost visibility and drive sales.

Hanging Merchandising Displays

Install dangling displays with rows of hair bows arranged by color or pattern to create an eye-catching feature wall that acts as a functional showroom.

Position them near fitting rooms so parents can easily grab coordinating bows to try on with potential outfits. Hang bow displays at kids’ eye level to get tiny shoppers excited and involved.

Floating Shelves & Multi-Level Acrylic Displays

Make vertical use of wall space with mounted floating shelves lined with bow holders in pretty packaging. Adjust the height of the shelf to provide visual interest. Clean, clear acrylic risers and multi-level displays also let customers see offerings from all angles. Set up displays near popular children’s clothing racks.

Mannequins & Bold Signage

Decorate kids mannequins with voluminous hair bows to create cute, cohesive looks that show how shoppers might pair bows with items they’re looking at.

Use vibrant signage with engaging language like “Bow-tiful Hair Accessories” to call out bow displays.

Featured Market Baskets & Endcaps

Make hair bows more visible and easier for parents and kids to enthusiastically go through via giant basket displays, buckets, and bins. Baskets can spill over with an abundant rainbow of colors and patterns to spark curiosity. Place merchandise displays with a focus on hair bows clearly at endcaps or aisles to increase visibility.

Playful Props, Colors & Grouping

Surround bow assortments with cheerful props like blooming silk flower sprays, butterflies, and generic bows as accent decor. Use brightly-hued display backdrops like hot pink walls or turf green risers to energize merchandise. Group bows by color, pattern, or theme to simplify mix-and-match outfit creation for shoppers.

Seasonal & Holiday-Themed Accessorizing

Tie hair bow displays and signage into major holidays, seasons, or cultural events to encourage accessorizing for everything from school photos to Halloween costumes. Refresh decor and bow varieties regularly to drive repeat traffic. Limited edition seasonal collections can also spark urgency to buy and social media buzz.

Value Bundling

Offer consumers more for their money by offering sets of 3-4 coordinating hair bows together at a single price, wrapped in tissue, and given as a present. Parents will appreciate the built-in mixing and matching. Use cute custom tags mentioning bow colors/patterns to simplify set breaking at checkout if needed.

Sampling & Loyalty Programs

Letting kids physically handle and try on bows promotes sales. Provide a designated ‘play table’ with baskets of bow samples kids can freely use for dress-up. Surprise repeat shoppers with free take-home bow samples with purchases over certain dollar thresholds. Send free hair bow thank-you gifts with online orders to build loyalty.

With the right mix of eye-catching displays, you can generate huge profits. So buy wholesale hair bows at affordable rates and make your kid’s boutique stand out. Visit the Lady Charm website today.

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